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Monthly Archives: May 2023


What Is A Psycho-Social Evaluation For DUI School?

By Matt Olszewski |

Not all DUIs are created equally and not all people who are charged with DUI have an overarching drug or alcohol abuse problem. However, the State of Florida assumes that roughly zero percent of those charged with DUI are capable of self-evaluating their drug or alcohol abuse. Indeed, it’s only until after some traumatic… Read More »

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Former Councilman Pleads No Contest To DUI, Possession Of Cocaine

By Matt Olszewski |

A Palm Bay councilman has pleaded no contest to charges of DUI and possession of cocaine after a traffic stop. He has since resigned his position on the council. Of the charges, cocaine possession is considered the more serious under Florida law, although that makes little sense. With the cocaine possession charge, authorities were… Read More »

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Motorcyclist Severely Injured As Woman Faces Fourth DUI

By Matt Olszewski |

Under Florida rules of law, DUIs are charged with upgraded severity the more of them you have within a ten-year period. In addition, causing severe bodily injury will also ensure your charges go up. To be certain, by the time you’ve been charged with your fourth DUI and this time you injured someone, the… Read More »

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