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Monthly Archives: May 2024


Tampa Man Charged with DUI After Death of Pedestrian

By Matt Olszewski |

A 23-year-old Tampa man is facing DUI charges after he struck and killed a pedestrian walking on the Adamo Drive roadway in Tampa. Police were sent to the scene after the pedestrian was struck by a pickup truck on Adamo Drive. Although first responders attempted to administer life-saving procedures, the pedestrian later died of… Read More »

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Did a Florida Police Officer Open a Bottle of Liquor to Charge a Tallahassee Man with DUI?

By Matt Olszewski |

After the arrest of a 56-year-old Black man in Tallahassee, Florida on DUI charges, leaked body camera footage appears to show an officer opening a sealed bottle of alcohol. Whether or not the officer opened a sealed bottle of liquor is important to the man’s case. The officers are alleging that the container was… Read More »

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Florida Man Faces Charges of DUI Manslaughter After Driving on the Shoulder

By Matt Olszewski |

Florida police arrested a man accused of driving under the influence after he plowed into the back of another vehicle which triggered a second crash that resulted in the death of its driver. The 31-year-old Lady Lake resident is facing charges of DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident involving death,… Read More »

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Woman Arrested After Going 120 in a 55, Attacking Officer with Fingernails

By Matt Olszewski |

Police officers pulled over a St. Petersburg woman as she was going 120 mph in a 55 mph zone. The officer put his lights on and then said that the woman tried to evade the traffic stop, resulting in a high-speed chase. The situation turned uglier after the officer noted the woman had slurred… Read More »

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