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Florida DUI Defense Attorney > Blog > DUI Defense > Doral Police Officer Arrested on DUI Charge

Doral Police Officer Arrested on DUI Charge


A Doral police officer was arrested and charged with simple DUI in the Florida Keys. This isn’t the first time we’ve written about police officers being charged with DUI. Police officers and other public officials have higher rates of alcoholism than the general public. Many suffer from PTSD related to things that they see on the job. In many cases, the stress of the job gets to them and they find themselves behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. Nonetheless, the police officer will have to face charges related to this incident. In this case, the defendant police officer is facing a misdemeanor charge of simple DUI.

Understanding simple DUI in Florida 

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, and it’s your first time, and your BAC was between .08 and .14, then you qualify under the law for a simple DUI. While not an earth-shattering experience, getting a DUI on your record is certainly life-altering. Florida Statute § 316.193 imposes specific penalties on those who are caught behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These penalties include:

  • Fines and fees – A first offense of simple DUI carries a minimum fine of $500 and a maximum fine of $1,000. Fines, however, can rise dramatically when property is damaged, someone is seriously injured, or someone is killed.
  • Driver’s license suspension – Your driver’s license can be suspended for 6 months to 1 year if you’re arrested for driving with a BAC of .08 or greater. Those who refuse to submit to a breath test can face additional penalties. Even those who aren’t convicted of DUI can find that their license is suspended under Florida’s implied consent laws.
  • Impoundment of vehicle – Anyone caught driving under the influence of alcohol will have their car impounded for at least 10 days. In some cases, the judge can waive the requirement for a vehicle impound if the impound would be a hardship to an innocent third party. Your DUI attorney can help avoid a vehicle impound.
  • Jail time – Those who face simply DUI charges for a first-time offense will not be facing jail time. For a simple DUI, however, you can face a maximum of 6 months in jail. If your BAC is determined to be above .15, you can face 9 months. The sentences escalate when there is property damage or injury.

The penalties described above only discuss what happens during a simple DUI. In other words, these are the penalties when this is your first DUI arrest and your BAC is between .08 and .14. If your BAC is .15 or higher, then you can face aggravated DUI charges. You can also face enhanced charges if there is a minor in the vehicle while you are driving intoxicated. Enhanced penalties can include jail time, larger fines, ignition interlock devices, and longer driver’s license suspensions.

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