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Florida DUI Defense Attorney > Blog > DUI Defense > Florida Woman Faces DUI Charges After Running Over Husband While Looking for Lost Dog

Florida Woman Faces DUI Charges After Running Over Husband While Looking for Lost Dog


A Brevard County woman is facing charges of DUI manslaughter after allegedly running over her husband while the couple was searching for their dog. According to police, the woman said that the couple returned home to find their gate open. Believing that their dog had escaped the yard, which it had a history of doing, her husband exited the vehicle in an attempt to search for the dog. The wife remained inside the vehicle while this occurred. However, at some point, she attempted to back the vehicle out of the driveway to find the dog. At this point, she struck her husband.

A 911 caller reported seeing a man lying still in the street, bleeding from his head, and unresponsive. A person at the scene reported to police that a Honda Ridgeline SUV was stopped in the road and that the wife was standing in front of the vehicle. The caller reported that the wife smelled of alcohol. When police arrived at the scene, they found the body of the husband lying in the road near the couple’s driveway. Paramedics pronounced the husband dead at the scene.

Officers found that the victim’s body had impact marks consistent with the edge of the couple’s vehicle. The rear tailgate of the SUV had markings consistent with the impact caused by the accident. When police spoke to the wife, they said she had a strong odor of alcohol coming from her and her speech was slurred. Police said the wife told them that the husband had agreed to search for the dog on foot while the wife remained in the vehicle. Once the husband exited the vehicle, the wife backed the SUV out of the driveway and proceeded to drive north to find the dog. After driving around the block, she was stopped by a woman who “observed a body in the street.” The wife was seemingly unaware that she had struck her husband and did not notice any impact at the time of the accident.

Police say that the wife was unsteady on her feet, had a strong odor of alcohol emanating from her, had glassy and bloodshot eyes, and continued to slur her words. She told police that she had two glasses of wine at dinner. After failing several field sobriety tests, the wife agreed to take a breathalyzer test. Police say that she blew a .120 which is over the legal limit of .08.

Further, officers were able to find a CCTV video of the woman driving around the block and past a community center while yelling for her dog. Police believe that, based on this evidence, the wife was the individual who was driving the vehicle when it struck her husband. She will be charged with DUI manslaughter.

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