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Florida DUI Defense Attorney > Blog > DUI Defense > How Does the State of Florida Handle DUI Charges for Those who Live in Other States?

How Does the State of Florida Handle DUI Charges for Those who Live in Other States?


Florida is a popular destination for tourists and those who are coming down from other states across the country for spring break. It stands to reason then, that Florida files a lot of DUI charges against those who live in other states. It’s important to note that these charges will follow you back home if you do not enlist the aid of an experienced Florida DUI defense attorney. In this article, FL DUI Group will discuss Florida’s process of filing DUI charges against those from other states who came to the Sunshine State during their vacation.

How does Florida handle out-of-state DUI charges? 

Florida is one of a number of states that network DUI charges and traffic infractions across state lines. It is one of 43 states that share information concerning traffic infractions. If you live in New York, but get a DUI in Florida, the State of Florida will relay that information to your home state so that you can face penalties there as opposed to Florida.

Three compacts control how information is shared between states. These include:

  • Non-resident Violator Compact of 1997 – This piece of legislation requires states to report serious traffic violations to a driver’s home state. There are only seven states that are not members of the compact. These include Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon, Virginia, and Wisconsin.
  • The Driver’s License Compact – This agreement requires states to uphold any levies placed by the state in which the DUI occurred. The most common form of penalty is having your home state driver’s license suspended after a DUI in another state.
  • The National Driver Register – Every state in the country has a database of driving records for their residents and other states can access this information. Florida Police can access information related to traffic infractions, license suspensions, or the previous DUIs of those arrested in Florida for DUI.

Consequences of a Florida DUI for non-residents 

Non-Florida residents face severe consequences for a DUI occurring in the State of Florida. These include fines, jail time, the loss of your driver’s license, the loss of scholarships, and the inability to pursue your chosen career path.

You will also face several out-of-pocket expenses related to your DUI. These include fines, court fees, legal fees, and travel costs if you are required to appear in court. Our attorneys have helped those charged with DUI out-of-state reduce the number of court appearances they are required to attend.

You may also face jail time related to a DUI. A conviction for DUI has a potential jail sentence of 6 months in jail or 6 months probation. A skilled DUI attorney may be able to argue that you should not have to face jail time in the State of Florida and allow community service or probation in your home state.

Talk to an Orlando DUI Attorney Today 

The Florida DUI lawyers at FL DUI Group represent the interests of those charged with DUI from out-of-state in Florida. Call our office right away to schedule an appointment, and we can begin going over your options today.

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