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Florida DUI Defense Attorney > Blog > DUI Defense > Man Kills Two In Fatal DUI Crash At Intersection

Man Kills Two In Fatal DUI Crash At Intersection


An Orlando-area man is facing two counts of vehicular homicide after he fatally struck another man and a good Samaritan. The man refused to submit to a breath test. He has additionally been charged with failing to render aid in an accident involving serious injury or fatality, and leaving the scene of an accident.

According to police, Michael John Kraft was driving a Jaguar east when he struck a motorcyclist in the next lane over. Kraft continued on his way until he inexplicably pulled a U-turn and drove back, striking the motorcyclist again. The motorcyclist was being assisted by a Good Samaritan who had stopped to render aid. Kraft had to drive over the median to maneuver his car. Witnesses said that he appeared to be trying to strike a crowd of people who had gathered around the motorcyclist.


Police said that the motorcyclist and the Good Samaritan were unknown to Kraft, meaning that there was no prior history between him and the two people he killed. However, police said that Kraft appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the incident occurred. Police noted that his speech was mumbled, he had body tremors, and he appeared to be constantly moving. Kraft told investigators that he was being chased by another vehicle.

In other words, Kraft’s motive appears to have been a paranoid delusion that he was being chased by someone. His symptoms are similar to the types of symptoms that people have when they are over-medicated on antipsychotic medication. The tremors, uncontrollable body movements, and difficulty speaking (caused by loss of control of the tongue) are all symptoms of tardive dyskinesia, a potential complication of antipsychotics. However, police did find evidence of stimulants in his system. Overdosing on stimulants can also cause involuntary muscle movements, though not likely mumbled speech. Police did say he had a co-occurring mental health disorder.

A Fork in the Road 

For Kraft, the situation is simple. Police can find evidence of a CNS (central nervous stimulant) but it could be that Kraft had a prescription for ADHD medication, like Ritalin, which would also show up on a tox screen. Police have not charged Kraft with DUI or any similar infraction thus far. If Kraft’s attorneys can show that he was psychotic or that he was having a bad reaction to medication that treats psychosis, then Kraft may be able to claim that his capacity was diminished at the time of the accident. If police find evidence of an illegal stimulant in Kraft’s bloodstream, that would be a different outcome.

Indeed, Kraft appears to have “fled” the scene of a hit and run, only to turn around and then strike the crowd of people again. This is not something you do if you’re trying to avoid detection. It’s something you do if you think you’re in danger. This is almost certainly a mental health case.

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