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Florida DUI Defense Attorney > Blog > General > No DUI arrest for Central Florida Prosecutor!

No DUI arrest for Central Florida Prosecutor!

Get out of jail free cards really do exist!

A Mount Dora police officer saw a car speeding and weaving on U.S. Highway 441 Sunday night.  The officer stopped the car and made contact with the driver. The driver smelled like alcohol and had slurred speech. The driver then refused a breath test and was placed in handcuffs…and here’s where the case gets interesting…the driver then informs the officer that he is a Lake County prosecutor and after checking his credentials, the officer decided NOT to charge him with DUI, instead giving him a RIDE HOME!

What was the rationale for the officer’s actions…he thought the prosecutor would receive a harsher punishment if the incident was reported to his supervisors rather than bringing criminal charges, according to legal defenders for Tampa criminal cases. The officer went on to state, that without clear video evidence of the prosecutor’s impairment, the officer thought it would be better to write a memo to Mount Dora Police Chief about what happened.

Wait a minute…Does this rationale apply to the CDL driver that could possibly lose his job due to a DUI arrest? Or a college kid that could get kicked out of school? Does this mean that officers will not make DUI arrests unless there is clear video evidence of impairment?

An internal investigation has been launched in order to review the officer’s decision in this case. The prosecutor in question has also been suspended without pay until the case is reviewed.

It will be extremely interesting to see how this whole situation plays out…This story is a prime example of why you should never forget the Bottom Line when it comes to DUI cases, says Buford personal injury attorney.

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