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What are the penalties for a DUI manslaughter or DUI serious bodily injury DUI cases in Florida?

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The penalties for a DUI series bodily injury or DUI manslaughter case in Florida, they vary based on the circumstanced of the case. For DUI series bodily injury, there’s injury points that are assigned to any case in the state of Florida and depending on the severity of the injury to the individual, would help determine what the potential sentence could be. For a DUI manslaughter case, there are what are called death points that are associated with those cases. The legislature has stated that if you’re convicted of DUI manslaughter, there’s a minimum of a four year prison sentence that you have to serve. And as far as the guidelines go, typically the guidelines give you a 10 and a half year sentence on a DUI manslaughter case. So the sentence ranges from 4 years to 10 and half years with the maximum penalty for a DUI manslaughter at 15 years in prison.

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