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Florida DUI Defense Attorney > Blog > DUI Defense > What Is A Psycho-Social Evaluation For DUI School?

What Is A Psycho-Social Evaluation For DUI School?


Not all DUIs are created equally and not all people who are charged with DUI have an overarching drug or alcohol abuse problem. However, the State of Florida assumes that roughly zero percent of those charged with DUI are capable of self-evaluating their drug or alcohol abuse. Indeed, it’s only until after some traumatic event, like being charged with DUI, getting into an accident, or causing harm to another person, that someone realizes they’re not in control of their substance use.

For that reason, the State of Florida conducts “psycho-social DUI evaluations” that are meant to establish if someone is an addict and in need of treatment. The results of the screening can determine how intensive your DUI probation is. Those who are considered to have drug and alcohol dependency issues would be required to undergo treatment for those problems, may be required to attend 12-step programs, and would be required to refrain from drug or alcohol use while their probation is in effect. While the same could be said of most people, the outcome of this evaluation determines how intensive your DUI probation will be.

What is a DUI evaluation?

 Basically, a DUI evaluation is a drug and alcohol assessment that is conducted by a trained professional to determine whether or not you need intensive treatment. This is a common part of the adjudication of DUI across the U.S. and you won’t find many places that don’t require these screenings after someone has been convicted of DUI.

The assessment occurs after you plead guilty to the charges but before you are sentenced. The judge will use the results of this assessment to determine your punishment. If it is determined that you have an ongoing substance abuse problem, it is more likely than not that you will be required to undergo substance abuse treatment and counseling. In other words, the state will be overseeing your substance abuse progress for the duration of your DUI probation. In many cases, the evaluation will be mandatory for regaining your license.

A punishment that offers help 

While the vast majority of individuals consider the process offensive and belittling, there are those who really do need substance abuse treatment and counseling and it was only this terrible event that forced that realization on them. So, in some cases, it really does help people to fail these evaluations and get the help they need. It also improves their relationship to the court and ensures that the judge recognizes that the offender is doing what they can to avoid a second offense. These are all very good things to show the court. So, in cases that stand little chance of resulting in an acquittal, seeking treatment improves the chances that the offender will avoid serious criminal penalties.

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