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What makes working with you different than other lawyers?

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What makes working with me different than other lawyers is my experience. I started off with the state attorney’s office where I prosecuted DUI cases. After that, I took a position with the state of Florida where I put on training seminars for cops and prosecutors all over the state when it comes to arresting and prosecuting DUI cases. I’ve trained thousands of cops all over the state, I’ve trained thousands of prosecutors all over the state. I’ve spoken at national DUI seminars when it comes to how to prosecute DUI cases. Being on the defense side, I’ve been able to still speak at national DUI seminars when it comes to defending DUI cases. I’ve gone to the exact same training that other cops and prosecutors have been to. I’m actually retained as an expert in DUI cases by other defense attorneys all over the state of Florida. So when it comes to knowing how DUI cases work, from the prosecution side, from the law enforcement side, and from the defense attorney’s side, no one has the experience that I do when it comes to putting all those things together.

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