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Monthly Archives: July 2020


Florida Man Arrested Twice in One Week on DUI Charges

By Matt Olszewski |

One Florida man has the inglorious distinction of being arrested twice in one week for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Florida highway patrol arrested Henry Francis Davis, 23, on April 22 after he got into a scuffle with another driver. Police witnessed the man get out of his vehicle and then… Read More »

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Can You Get a DUI Charge for Driving on CBD?

By Matt Olszewski |

CBD products have become wildly popular in various forms. It can be taken as a pill, baked into food, vaporized in a liquid, and even smoked like you would a normal bud of marijuana. Yet it’s also derived from the same plant as traditional marijuana is. Yet it doesn’t get you stoned. Those who… Read More »

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Orange County Man Charged with DUI Manslaughter

By Matt Olszewski |

An Orange County man is facing charges after an accident that took the life of a fourteen-year-old boy. Investigators say that Joel Polanco Sanchez was driving a 2007 Nissan when he attempted to change lanes. His vehicle struck a 2019 Chrysler Pacifica in the next lane over. Both vehicles ended up over the guardrail…. Read More »

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Korean Baseball Player Suspended Over DUIs

By Matt Olszewski |

Korean baseball player and former Pirates infielder, Jung Ho Kang, has been suspended by the Korean Baseball Organization following a series of DUIs. Kang will be required to perform 300 hours of community service before he can return to baseball. The league issued a statement the suspension will go into effect after Kang has… Read More »

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