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Monthly Archives: June 2021


Police Beat Man They Thought Was Drunk Driver

By Matt Olszewski |

An Osceola man has filed a federal lawsuit against Osceola deputies after they found him in his parked vehicle with dangerously low blood sugar. Mistaking him for someone who was intoxicated, Deputy Javier Arroyo reached into the vehicle to take out his keys and then dragged him out. He and five other officers proceeded… Read More »

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Man Kills Two In Fatal DUI Crash At Intersection

By Matt Olszewski |

An Orlando-area man is facing two counts of vehicular homicide after he fatally struck another man and a good Samaritan. The man refused to submit to a breath test. He has additionally been charged with failing to render aid in an accident involving serious injury or fatality, and leaving the scene of an accident…. Read More »

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