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Monthly Archives: October 2022


Florida Woman Does Ballet During Sobriety Check

By Matt Olszewski |

The police want you to walk in a straight line heel to toe. So doing a little ballet should prove how sober you are right? That goes above and beyond the instructions and should prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are not too drunk to drive. Unfortunately, these sobriety tests have very little… Read More »

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When Will I Know If I’m Being Charged With DUI?

By Matt Olszewski |

You were arrested last night for driving under the influence, but no charges have yet to be filed against you. Why is that? Well, the police are unlikely to file charges against you until they have proof that you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time you were arrested. This… Read More »

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Man Crashes Into Patrol Car; Faces DUI Charge

By Matt Olszewski |

If you crash into a parked patrol car, the chances are good that you will be facing serious questions from police officers, especially if, as was the case here, the officers sustained injuries as a result of that crash. In this case, two officers sustained minor injuries after their patrol car was struck by… Read More »

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