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Monthly Archives: June 2024


Florida Woman Was Nearly 5 Times Over Legal Limit When She Killed Mother of Three

By Matt Olszewski |

A Florida woman is facing DUI manslaughter charges. According to police, she was late for work and nearly 5 times over the legal limit when she T-boned another vehicle claiming the life of its occupant. The victim was a wife and mother of three children. The accident occurred at the Winter Springs intersection. The… Read More »

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Doral Police Officer Arrested on DUI Charge

By Matt Olszewski |

A Doral police officer was arrested and charged with simple DUI in the Florida Keys. This isn’t the first time we’ve written about police officers being charged with DUI. Police officers and other public officials have higher rates of alcoholism than the general public. Many suffer from PTSD related to things that they see… Read More »

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Challenging Blood Alcohol Tests in Florida DUI Cases

By Matt Olszewski |

How accurate are blood alcohol tests and field sobriety tests? The truth is that they are not necessarily as accurate as the police would have you believe. While some tests are more accurate than others, all tests need to be performed using specific guidelines to be valid. In this article, the Orlando DUI attorneys… Read More »

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