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Florida DUI Defense Attorney > Blog > DUI Defense > Drunk Driver Skids Through Red Light Into Patrol Car

Drunk Driver Skids Through Red Light Into Patrol Car


A driver is facing charges of DUI after crashing his vehicle into a patrol car recently. The deputy was stopped at a traffic light when driver Alex McKinny ran a red light, skidded through an intersection, and struck the patrol car as it was waiting for the light to change. Deputies say that McKinny attempted to flee the scene but was quickly apprehended. Despite this, the only charge that McKinny is facing appears to be DUI. This could change. The situation sounds worse than the charges this defendant will face. Below, we’ll elaborate.

Crimes That Haven’t Been Charged 

With due deference to the writer of this article, all we know is that police allege McKinny attempted to flee the scene after crashing his vehicle into a patrol car. While a DUI was almost a certainty, police, based on the information provided by the article, could have chosen to charge the defendant with two additional crimes. The first would be DUI with property damage since the defendant “crashed” his vehicle into the patrol car. The other would be resisting arrest, evading police, or attempting to flee the scene of an accident with property damage. So why wasn’t he?

Well, a lot of times, police will make the situation sound much worse than it actually is. Obviously, anyone who attempts to flee police after causing damage to another vehicle is committing a crime. We also know that those who cause property damage while driving a vehicle under the influence face enhanced charges. One could only assume that the defendant rolled softly into the police car causing no damage. Then, if he attempted to flee the scene, how come he wasn’t charged with resisting arrest?

Chances are, this story will be forgotten about before we ever know the truth. But when things don’t add up, they don’t add up for a reason. Here, we have an article saying that a defendant was guilty of three crimes, yet he’s only been charged with one. Chances are, those cases were not strong enough to make and that is why the defendant is not facing those charges. Why would the article then mention two crimes that the defendant didn’t commit? Because it’s the police providing this information to the press.

DUI With Property Damage 

DUI with property damage is twice as “serious” a crime as DUI without property damage. It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is state-owned or privately owned. The driver would face a first-degree misdemeanor as opposed to a second-degree misdemeanor. Attempting to leave the scene of an accident with property damage is also considered a separate crime. A driver can face the same charge for causing another driver a “non-serious” injury.

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