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Florida DUI Defense Attorney > Blog > DUI Defense > Florida Couple Charged with DUI/Having Sex in Squad Car

Florida Couple Charged with DUI/Having Sex in Squad Car


A Florida couple is in hot water after getting pulled over by Nassau County Police. The couple was charged with DUI but were apparently unfazed by the arrest. The two were placed in a squad car where they began copulating. The two were found riding bicycles (yes, that’s possible) without headlights when they were stopped by police officers. The officers arrested them for operating the bicycles while intoxicated.

According to the sheriff’s deputy, the two were out riding bikes and were nearly struck by a car which led to the traffic stop. The deputy detected a “strong odor of alcohol” and noted that the two were slurring their words. The two were arrested on DUI charges, placed in the back of the squad car, and began having sex.

The strangest part of this story for most people is not the fact that the couple began having sex in the back of the squad car. It’s the fact that they were arrested for riding bicycles while intoxicated. Below, we’ll discuss how that law works.

Bicycle Riders Can be Charged with DUI in Florida 

The rule may sound stupid, and that’s largely because it is. However, those on bicycles post a serious danger to themselves (if no one else). Technically, DUI involves the operation of a “vehicle” while “intoxicated”. That means that the same rules that apply to a car also apply to a bicycle, golf cart, even (maybe) a big wheel.

One lawsuit involved an individual who had been convicted of two prior DUI’s in a 10-year period. The individual was riding his bike (intoxicated) and charged with a third DUI resulting in a ten-year suspension of his driver’s license. Nevermind the fact that the individual had the foresight not to drive a car while intoxicated.

The Florida rule is so nebulous that it could include scooters, unicycles, segways, hoverboards, ride mowers, wheelchairs, skateboards, horses, roller skates, or just about anything that is designed to transport an individual from one place to another.

According to Fla. Stat. §316.003(97), a vehicle constitutes: [any] device in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway, except personal delivery devices and devices used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks. 

Does This Rule Make Sense? 

In certain situations, the rule makes sense. For instance, there are currently golf cart communities that may want to limit members of the community from driving golf carts while intoxicated. In the case of the bicycle riders who had sex in the squad car, there was a complaint that they almost caused an accident. Nonetheless, citizens are right to treat this as an affront to their liberty since the consequences of riding a bike while intoxicated can cause their car insurance to skyrocket, lead to a driver’s license suspension, and cause them to be incarcerated. This is in spite of the fact that the people most in danger are themselves.

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