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Florida DUI Defense Attorney > Blog > DUI Defense > Florida DUI School: What To Expect

Florida DUI School: What To Expect


Chances are fairly good that no matter how victimless your DUI was, you will be required to attend DUI school. What is DUI school? Basically, it’s 12 hours of risk assessment and education on the impact that DUI has on families who have lost loved ones, the laws revolving around DUI in Florida, and substance abuse issues.

Part of the process is being assessed by a government official who will determine whether or not you are at high risk of repeat offending. This requires a one-hour face-to-face meeting with a safety council evaluator and the completion of a written diagnostic test. Don’t worry, the safety evaluator cannot divulge any of the results of your tests in accord with medical privacy laws.

What is the goal of DUI school? 

DUI is a very common offense. Most folks don’t even realize that they’re too inebriated to drive until they hear the sirens. Most folks think that DUIs only apply to other drivers who cannot handle their liquor. They would never in a million years imagine that they would lose control of a vehicle and cause injury or death to another driver. Yet this happens several times every year. Drivers misjudge their limits and then they’re suddenly staring a decade-long sentence in the face. Essentially, the goal of DUI schools is to avoid that.

What do you learn at DUI school? 

It’s essentially substance abuse counseling that is heavily geared toward understanding the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Most people don’t want to get behind the wheel and then end someone else’s life. For the majority of us, that would weigh on our conscience. It’s a weight we would have to live with. So explaining the consequences to families who did not choose to get behind the wheel while inebriated often contextualizes the issue in a way that resonates with the majority of the population.

Substance abuse issues 

Substance abuse issues are often addressed in DUI schools. They would be similar to the types of things you would see at a substance abuse treatment center where group therapy is often emphasized. Folks get to talk about what happened, their substance abuse issues, treatment options, and how they will manage their affairs in the future. While it’s not exactly exciting, substance abuse problems have long been treated with group discussions and community help, so that is what’s employed by DUI schools.

DUI school I versus DUI school II 

If a defendant has committed a prior DUI, they may be required to attend DUI school II, which is a program for repeat offenders. You can expect the same from DUI school II, but it’s more intensive. There is a renewed emphasis on the impact of alcohol on your ability to drive. Further, there is more emphasis on linking offenders to mental health resources in their area. The other major difference is that offenders must complete 21 hours of DUI school as opposed to 12.

Talk to an Orlando DUI Lawyer Today 

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