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Florida DUI Defense Attorney > Blog > DUI Defense > Florida Man Crashes Into Police Cruiser, Arrested

Florida Man Crashes Into Police Cruiser, Arrested


Officers investigating a crash scene got an unpleasant surprise when an 83-year-old man plowed into the back of their cruiser. The man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. To understand what happened, you have to understand that police will likely arrest any driver who drives directly into the back of one of their parked cruisers. It tends to make them mad.

In this case, the officer was handing out a citation to another driver for careless driving when his cruiser was struck by a pickup truck. Inside the pickup truck was an 83-year-old man who apparently did not see the flashing lights. The officers allegedly smelled alcohol on his breath and then ordered a field sobriety test. The 83-year-old struggled to keep his balance. He then blew a .157. He was also found in possession of cocaine.


The man will face charges of DUI with property damage, possession of cocaine, and possibly more. His breathalyzer test and failed field sobriety tests will be used as evidence against him, but the breathalyzer test is much better evidence than the field sobriety test. The two of them taken together along with footage of the incident from police body cams will be enough to prove DUI with property damage.

Substance abuse issues among the elderly are not something that is talked about frequently, but is a rising concern. Elderly people are often on many different types of medications which can decrease their reaction time and concentration. In many instances, this results in suspended licenses or drivers who cannot drive vehicles because of medication concerns. The elderly people feel trapped in, unable to do things they once enjoyed, and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle. This results in the majority of DUI prosecutions among those who are 70 and over. Nonetheless, elderly people suffer from substance abuse issues too.

In cases like this where you have an elderly driver, no one wants to see him go to prison. Because no one was injured or killed during this accident, it is likely that he will be able to avoid prison. However, it is equally likely that his license will be suspended or permanently revoked as a remedy to his criminal case.

DUI with property damage 

Simple DUI is when you’re pulled over, have a BAC between .08 and .15, and don’t harm anyone or anything. Aggravating factors for DUI include causing property damage and having a BAC in excess of .15. That means that this particular defendant has two aggravating factors against him. It will escalate his charges, but probably won’t be enough to land him in jail unless he has priors on his record.

Nonetheless, his life will be made that much more difficult by the fact that he can no longer legally drive a vehicle.

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