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What are the penalties for a third DUI conviction in Florida?

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The penalties for a third DUI conviction in Florida depend on the timeframe of the second conviction that you had. If the second conviction occurs within 10 years of a prior offense, then you’re looking at a felony DUI in the State of Florida, and that the minimum penalty for that is a 30-day jail sentence and a 10-year driver’s license suspension. So you would have two years of no driving, and then eight years of a hardship license. Then with that advanced probation classes, community service and things like that. If the second conviction is greater than 10 years prior to the new arrest, then you’re still looking at a misdemeanor DUI with no required jail time, typically probation classes, community service. However, if there is a six-month driver’s license suspension involved in that, then you will not be able to refer a hardship license for.

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