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Monthly Archives: April 2020


Florida Man Allegedly Drinks Two Bottles of Liquor After Car Accident With Train

By Matt Olszewski |

The adventures of Florida Man just keep getting weirder. In our latest installment, 43-year-old Florida Man, Danny Lee Wyatt, said that he was so startled after a train struck his vehicle that he pulled out two bottles of liquor from his trunk and downed them both to settle his nerves. He told officers that… Read More »

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Allegedly Drunk Man Drives Tesla into House

By Matt Olszewski |

A woman was working at home on her computer when a Tesla crashed through the front of her home and pinned her to the bedroom wall. Most of the car managed to make its way through the wall when two men exited and proceeded to run on foot. They didn’t get far, however. Bystanders… Read More »

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Pedestrian Killed in DUI Crash

By Matt Olszewski |

Lake County police have arrested 64-year-old Norma McDuffle who was wanted in connection to an accident that occurred in March. McDuffle was driving a Saturn coupe when she crashed into Ann Taylor and June Griffin on March 22 of 2019. The incident report states that the 60-year-old Taylor was crossing the street when she… Read More »

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