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Monthly Archives: June 2022


Florida Man Crashes Into Police Cruiser, Arrested

By Matt Olszewski |

Officers investigating a crash scene got an unpleasant surprise when an 83-year-old man plowed into the back of their cruiser. The man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. To understand what happened, you have to understand that police will likely arrest any driver who drives directly into the back of one of their… Read More »

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Manslaughter Charges Filed In Golf Cart Mishap

By Matt Olszewski |

It seems like once a month we have a case that does not involve a car, truck, or commuter vehicle, but in Florida, all the laws that apply to those vehicles apply to any vehicle. This means that, logistically, you can be charged with DUI manslaughter if you accidentally kill someone on your bicycle…. Read More »

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Woman Facing DUI Manslaughter 1 Year After Fatal Accident

By Matt Olszewski |

A Deltona woman is facing DUI manslaughter charges one year after a fatal accident that killed a pedestrian. The driver’s blood was tested at the crash and a year later, her BAC was revealed to be .144. The victim had bent over to pick up his skateboard and was holding the skateboard when he… Read More »

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