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Monthly Archives: July 2022


What Is A Mental Health Diversion In A DUI Case?

By Matt Olszewski |

Not all DUI cases are created equally. For those who are facing a DUI for the first time and are also struggling with mental health issues, the Florida courts allow what is known as a diversion program. Instead of treating the DUI like a criminal offense, it is removed from the criminal courts and… Read More »

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Woman Facing DUI Manslaughter Three Years After Accident

By Matt Olszewski |

The details are slim, which tells you a lot about the quality of the case here. In 2019, a woman died after she was struck by a driver on the shoulder of the road. While the article doesn’t say this, the driver must have stopped or else the police would be unlikely to have… Read More »

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Marijuana Hysteria And Legalization In The States

By Matt Olszewski |

You can’t drive high in any state in the U.S., but there are no real standards when it comes to determining if someone is “too high”. While blood tests and other tests do exist to determine the extent of inebriation, the scientific community has no consensus on how much is “too much”. In states… Read More »

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Retired Wrestler Charged With DUI Manslaughter

By Matt Olszewski |

WWE Hall of Famer Tamara Sytch (known by her stage name of Sunny) has been charged in an incident that cost a 72-year-old man his life. Authorities say that Sytch was speeding when she rear-ended another vehicle at high speed and sent the vehicle into another vehicle. The driver of that vehicle was killed… Read More »

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