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Florida DUI Defense Attorney > Blog > General > Forced Blood Draws in Misdemeanor DUI Cases?

Forced Blood Draws in Misdemeanor DUI Cases?

This is a wave that is sweeping the country and it looks like it will be coming to the Central Florida area soon.  It’s called a “No Refusal” weekend and if you are arrested for DUI (even one involving no crash or injury) and you refuse the breath test, an officer will obtain a search warrant and forcibly take your blood.  Some agencies are even obtaining chairs where you will be strapped down if you aren’t cooperative.  This will movement will make DUI the only misdemeanor offense where the police can strap you down and forcibly stick a needle in your arm in order to obtain evidence against you.  Challenges to this practice will without a doubt makes its way into the court system to determine if it violates your Constitutional rights!

To view the full article on forced blood draws, please cut and paste the link below into your internet browser.


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