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Florida DUI Defense Attorney > Blog > DUI Defense > Man Faces DUI Charge After Going Double The Speed Limit

Man Faces DUI Charge After Going Double The Speed Limit


If you want to draw the attention of police officers, one very good way to accomplish that is by going twice the speed limit. A Merritt Island man has learned this lesson the hard way after being pulled over while going 130 mph on I-95. He has since been charged with both DUI and reckless driving, which can be charged separately in cases where it makes sense. In this case, it does. Although, there is plenty of room to barter down in a case like this. The question then becomes: How?

Essentially, the law makes room to consider the individual who has committed the crime and their relationship to the community. They also consider the elements of the crime, the conduct of the individual, and how they respond to the charges. Those who promise to get themselves into drug and alcohol treatment fare better under the law than those who don’t. It also helps immensely when it’s your first offense.

In this case, the elements of the crime favor the prosecutors. However, the defendant will be able to make amends by promising to enter into a drug and alcohol treatment program.

Drug and alcohol diversion in DUI cases 

The majority of individuals who face first-time DUI charges have the option of going on DUI probation. While that may sound like a fine alternative to a criminal charge, you should know that DUI probation can be quite onerous. Essentially, you are expected to meet court-ordered requirements and you are supervised during the process. Your behavior is monitored and if you tell the court you’re willing to seek treatment, they will expect that you will comply with the terms of that treatment. That could mean going to therapy sessions, group counseling, and more. You may end up being required to take medication that you don’t want to take. It will be expected that you do not drink or use any form of drug during that period.

The length of a DUI probation is also variable. In this case, the defendant played chicken with police, endangered the lives of others on the road, and operated his vehicle in a reckless manner. The term of his probation will thus be longer than someone who was just stopped at a checkpoint and blew a .08.

Offenders are also likely to be required to perform community service, and in some cases, there will be a driving curfew during which they may not operate their vehicle.

Any failure to adhere to the terms of the probation could mean that the probation is revoked in lieu of a criminal prosecution.

While DUI probation is a good option in some cases, defendants need to be aware of how significantly their lives will change once they are on probation. Florida is quite serious about DUI, and its probation program reflects that.

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