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Florida DUI Defense Attorney > Blog > DUI Defense > The Interlock Ignition Device: What You Need To Know

The Interlock Ignition Device: What You Need To Know


If you are being charged with DUI, you may be required to install an interlock ignition device on your automobile. Also, some have the device installed regardless of whether or not they are required to in order to improve their negotiating position with prosecutors during the resolution of their charges. Further, even if the court does not order an IID, the DMV may make it a requirement for any vehicle that a defendant owns or operates.

How does the IID work? 

Your vehicle won’t start until you blow into the little hole. If your BAC registers below .05, then the vehicle will start. Otherwise, it will not. The driver may be required to blow into the hole at random intervals while the car is moving. This is to prevent them from drinking (literally) while they are driving. Some clever folks have attempted to subvert the process by blowing first and drinking later. However, the device makers have caught onto this and your car will stop moving if you cannot blow less than a .05 at random intervals.

The data acquired by the device is also uploaded to your probation officer. If the terms of your probation require that you don’t drink and you blow more than a .05 into your IID, that can be used against you to nullify the terms of your probation.

IIDs and driving privileges 

Depending on the terms of your DUI and the circumstances surrounding your conviction, your license is likely to be suspended. You can, however, apply for a restricted license and one of the terms of applying for the restricted license is getting an IID installed on your vehicle. You have to pay for the IID, but you will have some driving privileges.

How long will I need an IID? 

The IID will remain on your vehicle for at least 6 months. In some cases, the IID will remain on your vehicle for at least a year. In cases of multiple convictions or other aggravating factors, the IID can remain on your vehicle over two years.

When are IIDs required? 

Anyone who has a work-release or work-only license will require an IID to be installed on their vehicle while their license is restricted. There is only one exception to the rule. An employee who is required to drive for their job can drive a vehicle without an IID. This is known as the employment exception and only applies to vehicles owned by the driver’s employer. The burden of furnishing the vehicles with IIDs would be too much for the employer to bear.

However, if DUI would impact a driver’s CDL. So, a driver with a DUI who drives for a living would not be covered under the employee exemption. They would simply be out of a job and their CDL would be revoked.

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