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Monthly Archives: February 2022


Can You Drink While On DUI Probation?

By Matt Olszewski |

A lot of folks ask this question, which is why we decided to make a blog post out of it. It’s certainly true that someone who has just been convicted of operating a vehicle while under the influence and sentenced to probation is in the wrong headspace if they’re wondering whether or not they’re… Read More »

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Woman Facing Charges For DUI Crash That Paralyzed Child

By Matt Olszewski |

An Orlando woman is facing DUI charges months after an accident in which she veered into oncoming traffic with two children in her vehicle. One, aged four, did not have his booster seat fastened in, according to police, and suffered severe injuries, including paralysis from the accident. The delay in filing charges was likely… Read More »

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School Bus Driver Accused Of DUI After Accident

By Matt Olszewski |

In the 14th century, Britain, under the reign of King Edward III, suffered a very similar fate to the one Americans are facing right now. Of course, the pandemic of the Middle Ages had a survival rate of only 50%. But like our current pandemic, the cities were hit the hardest and skilled labor… Read More »

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Polk County Deputy Arrested For DUI

By Matt Olszewski |

A Polk County Deputy is facing DUI charges after he flipped his SUV while off-duty on the weekend. The SUV left the road and rolled over. At the scene of the accident, the officer told responding police that he was not behind the wheel, but later admitted he was driving the vehicle and had… Read More »

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