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Monthly Archives: May 2022


Judge Revokes Bond For DUI Suspect Who Killed Teen

By Matt Olszewski |

The grieving family of a DUI-related death learned that the bond for the suspect who killed their son had been revoked during a vigil held as a memorial for the deceased. The boy was 17-year-old. The family was returning from a belated birthday party for the boy when the accident occurred. They hoped by… Read More »

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Woman Faces DUI Manslaughter Charge After Tox Screen

By Matt Olszewski |

How do DUI prosecutions work? Well, police collect evidence from the scene, including blood and breath samples from the driver, and then test these samples using a lab. The labs get hundreds of samples per week and are months behind in processing these samples. This often means that DUI suspects don’t face charges until… Read More »

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